Tips given to my students

Teaching English as a foreign language.

Me being a teacher and this blog serving as a diary.

What happens in class or maybe outside of it..

Instant inspiration working towards students’ linguistic ability. Sometimes ideas just come to me during teaching. I apply everything coming to my mind and it really works. Students enthusiastically respond!

Teaching is a trip… Let’s take it together!


Teaching, a big journey..!

Teaching is a journey.. I keep discovering new things, which are so many that I can’t hold in.

It would be great if I had someone giving me guidelines all the time; how to do this, how to do that..

Taking decisions constantly isn’t an easy thing to do, let alone giving reasons for everything you do.

Hoping everything will go well with my classes, my students, the teaching material, the textbooks, the grammatical phenomena..

Trusting the future, trusting me, trusting the present, trusting the past…


  •  It’s difficult for some Greek students to differentiate between some english sounds. For example, /s/ and /sh/ are different even though in Greek there is only one /s/ sound. It’s funny how I get them to push their lips using their fingers to form the /sh/ sound in words like “push” or “match”. And they are so happy when they achieve it understanding the difference between /s/ and /sh/ finally..

I insist on their listening carefully to what I say. They pick up words easily, actually the younger they are, the easier they pick up the language. So you can hear me constantly saying “Listen! Hush!”.

  •      Keeping a diary every day is not an easy thing to do especially if you are not used to it!! An amazing method to improve your English is to write down a few sentences describing what you did during the day. When I finally get my students to buy a new notebook, organise their time and write something every day (i.e. keep a diary) they enjoy it so much! Now they can’t wait for me to read their daily “adventures” which are recorded in that cute notebook, which is officially called a “diary” 🙂
  • Drills and repetitions!! Plenty of them. Even 50-year-old students love them 🙂

One comment on “Tips given to my students

  1. litsa says:

    Very nice work and HAPPY BIRTHDAY a few days ago!
    Miss Leetsa

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