Pleasant words, sweet to the soul

How can you feed the soul of your students? By pleasant words. By talking gently, with care to them.

Our students need to see we are true to them and they will be true to us. It may take some time, but they will truly appreciate our honesty, kindness and concern.

After five years of close contact with children this is what I have found out; that no matter how different you are from them or how distant you seem to be, regarding the age or interests, the words you get out of your mouth shape the children and define the relationship you will have with them. Every single one of them is so special and is definitely shaped by your words.

One of the purposes of teaching people is to teach, or better heal, their souls. This is what I have experienced from my teachers so far and what I still experience, by having singing lessons with a professional and widely recognised musician this year. The tutor’s words and attitude shape the student.

It is a real challenge to achieve healing a person´s soul. Let´s plunge into it, into the adventure of trying to delve deeper into our students’ deepest depths of their soul!Image

Moving to Australia.

Starving for knowledge and new stimuli. Eager to learn the most they can.

John, a seven-year-old boy, announced to me two weeks ago in perfect Greek: “Miss, my mum told me I have to learn English because we ‘re leaving for Australia in a few months!”. He was so happy. Talking to us (his classsmates and me)  about the beaches and the kangaroos. Will he miss his papou and yiayia? No way, skyping every day will make it easier, he claims!