Little Red Riding Hood PPT @Summer School

So July was the month I spent in Gloucestershire at Wycliffe College (British Study Centres Summer School). I was a TAL (Teacher and Activities Leader). The hard work was to create interesting and pleasant lesson plans for the morning lessons. Continue reading

The verb “have got”

…While trying to make grammar theory and rules short and enjoyable as the young students are required to have something written in their notebooks. The tradition in the Greek reality is still so strong – the use of L1 required by the Greek educational system and the time for grammar explanation and application being so short. Course plans are to be strictly followed; the textbooks have to be completed by May. The teacher’s skills: to combine knowledge, comprehension, practice and production in almost no time at all, as grammar structures appear in every lesson. At least technology makes the whole thing a bit more appealing to students through the use of IWB (Interactive Whiteboard), PPT (Power Point) presentations and online games.