EFL Preschool Teachers Facebook Group

I have just created a Facebook group named EFL Preschool Teachers. It is a closed group. Its purpose is to enable EFL Preschool teachers exchange useful material and ideas.
The only prerequisite to be a member of this group is to post the name of the school you are teaching at. Join in 🙂

Nursery Teaching Sessions

Get some ideas on how to design and implement nursery teaching sessions by reading this assignment and also listening to the recorded teaching sessions carried out a month ago in a Private Nursery School in Nea Smyrni (Athens). Teaching English to Very Young Learners is an area worth exploring!! I am grateful to the Lord for the excellent comments of my professor in the Open University.

Teaching 2- and 3-year-olds

Super Simple Learning Resource Center offers amazing ideas on how to teach English to very young learners. Free and easy material to make your students speak from the very first lesson! Try it!