Malak and the Boat

I made this PPT presentation and used this worksheet in class. 16 10-16 year-old students from Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal were touched after this 45′ lesson.

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Nursery Teaching Sessions

Get some ideas on how to design and implement nursery teaching sessions by reading this assignment and also listening to the recorded teaching sessions carried out a month ago in a Private Nursery School in Nea Smyrni (Athens). Teaching English to Very Young Learners is an area worth exploring!! I am grateful to the Lord for the excellent comments of my professor in the Open University.

Teaching Reading

A textbook reading lesson analysis and its adaptation to suit the needs of the students according to principles serving the respective teaching aims.

You can view the Assignment regarding the reading skill in module “AGG52 Language Learning Skills and Materials – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking” (1st year of Master in TESOL in the Hellenic Open University) here.

Song Worksheet: Last Christmas

See on Scoop.itsongs – activities

2 Word documents- student’s worksheet and teacher’s worksheet with answers and step-by-step instructions to carry out the lesson. The lesson was originally taught in a Greek classroom. It can certainly be enhanced. It is not a complete lesson plan. You can download it from the following link. Love, Victoria.

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ways to finish a lesson – so that the students take something away with them


There are lots of ways to start off a lesson beautifully, maningfully, logically, etc. For example, to talk about how your students spent their week (here are 2  worksheets to help), or to ask about their plans, or to discuss the weather/ news, or to remember vocabulary from the previous lesson in some creative way, or to revise some grammar, like here or here, or….well, the list is almost inexhaustible, as I am sure you know). But how do we finish a lesson?

“the homework is on page 5, thanks, see you on Wednesday”?

Well, it’s possible and it happens all the time. But this is not the best way to finish off a good lesson, it seems to me. As we tend remember the last thing we saw/ heard/ did, the last moments of the lesson should be worth remembering..

  • My favourite (and the most logical) thing to…

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Christmas Printables/Activities!

The world wide web abounds in printable worksheets related to Christmas! Here are some links you may find useful:»> (for kids)»>


Also you can have a look here:

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities here by!

Thanksgiving Activities here by!

Thanksgiving Activities here by!