2nd Conditional

Some interesting ideas on how to teach the second conditional:

California dreaming (Lessonstream)

How deep is the ocean (Lessonstream)

(Revised) Song Worksheet: If I Had a Million Dollars by Barenaked Ladies (WITH VIDEO)

Song: If I Had a Million Dollars Worksheet & Lesson Plan


2nd Conditional lesson plan (by English is a piece of cake)

Defining relative clauses

A Hive of Activities

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This is a communicative, personalised activity for introducing defining relative clauses.

Ask your students to write the numbers 1-8 on their paper. Next to no. 1 tell them to write down a place where they like to eat. They should write the name only. You are going to read out 7 similar categories and they should similarly write down just the answer. Here’s the (suggested) list in full:

  1. a place where you like to eat
  2. someone who annoys you
  3. a time when you were surprised
  4. an activity which you hate doing
  5. someone whom you love
  6. a reason why you got up this morning
  7. something that you can do really well
  8. a place in which you feel relaxed

Now you can ask the students to look at the first one and say what you said to make them write it down. Hopefully they’ll come up with…

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Johnny Grammar Word Challenge – Applications Android sur Google Play

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Affrontez le chrono et répondez à autant de questions d’orthographe, de vocabulaire et de grammaire que possible dans ce quiz de 60 secondes !Johnny Grammar’s Word …

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ESL Apps: 15 English Language Learning Apps for iPhone and Android

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There are tons of apps for English learners at any level. We simply show you the best ones: 15 English Language Learning Apps for iPhone and Android NOW!

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A great grammar book for Advanced and Proficiency Level Students is MASTERMIND USE OF ENGLISH – REVISED published by Burlington Books. This is the Grammar book I use with my students in order to get them prepared for the Proficiency exam, either Cambridge or Michigan.

What I ‘ve just discovered is that there is some extra really helpful material here for the teacher to use when teaching some specific units of the book! I will definitely use it from now on!