Useful phonics links

There is a wealth of phonic reinforcement activities available to use directly from the internet. A Google search will find you plenty of worthwhile content. Here is a small but amazing selection by CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Jolly Phonics Training Course to get you started.


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Nursery Teaching Sessions

Get some ideas on how to design and implement nursery teaching sessions by reading this assignment and also listening to the recorded teaching sessions carried out a month ago in a Private Nursery School in Nea Smyrni (Athens). Teaching English to Very Young Learners is an area worth exploring!! I am grateful to the Lord for the excellent comments of my professor in the Open University.

Enhancing learning – Using an app in class

Oxford University Press

Girl using mobile phoneVerissimo Toste, an Oxford teacher trainer, looks at how technology can enhance a student’s ability to learn a language. 

I’m interested in how technology enhances a student’s ability to learn a language. Resources are plentiful, but incorporating them into the classroom is not always easy. So when I saw the “Headway Phrase-a-day” app by Oxford University Press, I became curious as to how it would help students enhance their learning.

Students get a phrase a day, such as “You’re pulling my leg”. To help them understand the phrase there is a picture, a sample sentence, and a similar expression that is easier, in this case, “You’re teasing me”. Students can search for a phrase, add certain phrases to their list of favourites, and play some games based on the phrases they have already learned.

All very well so far, but, how could a teacher use this to help…

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Free iPad apps :)

Free iPad apps 🙂

We’ve taken a look at the free apps available this week and have listed iTunes information together with download links.

We’ve also thrown in some extra apps which are free today and worth downloading.

Some of these apps are free ONLY UNTIL 10 p.m. (U.S. CDT) on 02/15/13 so don’t delay!

A Juniors II

Today was the day I dared to bring something different into the lesson and enable even a child who can´t write at all use her finger to form a word not onto a paper but in flour! We didn´t write spelling in the spelling notebook, but in a plastic basin!


They enjoyed it so much!


We “wrote” words like “and”, “apple”, “hat”, “banana”, “It’s”, “look”.

After a while, we played a game. Six students hid somewhere in the classroom or just turned their backs (following photo) and the other student – “the cook” – standing above the basin – “cooked” something (wrote a word he could copy from a poster on a wall or from the board). Then the other children came over to see. The student who found what (s)he “cooked” (wrote) was the next cook! They didn’t want to stop that game!!

At the end of the lesson they told me to bring a really big basin next time so they can write “What’s this”, because today they couldn’t do so due to lack of space!