Pronunciation – Silent T: often, listen, castle…

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How do you pronounce often? Is the t silent or pronounced? What about words like soften, moisten, mostly, lastly, and other words with t in them? In this video, I will teach you how to pronounce these words and more.

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Altogether/All together

After the request of a fan of our page, we are attaching some useful links explaining the difference between “Altogether” and “All together”:

A Juniors I

After almost 2 months I realised that my A juniors (aged 7-10 years old) needed me to do something like this in class!

I can’t draw almost anything but last week I found myself coming up with incredible drawing ideas!

When a little student told me that the letter “Hh” is still difficult for him to learn, remember and use it in a word, I started drawing a hat with the students giving me advice on HOW to draw it, because this was a difficult task for me! So, all together we started to draw the word “hat” in the hat. Everyone found it fantastic. We “played” with the letters trying to fit them in the hat!


Tomorrow, I have promised them that I will bring flour and write words in a big bowl full of flour using our finger!! I will definitely keep you updated!!