iDiscover 2, by Express Publishing

I have already had my first lesson with my 40-year-old student who got really excited with this book. Its features and the fact that costs only 10€ make it an excellent choice for your adult students. It ‘s easily taught. Everything is explained analytically in the Teacher’s Guide. It’s really the first time I ‘m not getting tired during the lesson. It’s so exciting! Continue reading

Johnny Grammar Word Challenge – Applications Android sur Google Play

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Affrontez le chrono et répondez à autant de questions d’orthographe, de vocabulaire et de grammaire que possible dans ce quiz de 60 secondes !Johnny Grammar’s Word …

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ESL Apps: 15 English Language Learning Apps for iPhone and Android

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There are tons of apps for English learners at any level. We simply show you the best ones: 15 English Language Learning Apps for iPhone and Android NOW!

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Enhancing learning – Using an app in class

Oxford University Press

Girl using mobile phoneVerissimo Toste, an Oxford teacher trainer, looks at how technology can enhance a student’s ability to learn a language. 

I’m interested in how technology enhances a student’s ability to learn a language. Resources are plentiful, but incorporating them into the classroom is not always easy. So when I saw the “Headway Phrase-a-day” app by Oxford University Press, I became curious as to how it would help students enhance their learning.

Students get a phrase a day, such as “You’re pulling my leg”. To help them understand the phrase there is a picture, a sample sentence, and a similar expression that is easier, in this case, “You’re teasing me”. Students can search for a phrase, add certain phrases to their list of favourites, and play some games based on the phrases they have already learned.

All very well so far, but, how could a teacher use this to help…

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10 free apps for teachers to use for planning and classroom management

Oxford University Press

We know teachers can find it hard to make time to plan their lessons, or to manage their classes both in and out of the classroom, so Shaun Wilden has compiled a list of his top 10 free apps to help make your planning more productive and time-efficient. You may also find some of our apps for learning English useful.

Over the last year there has been a large growth in the number of apps aimed at educators. There are now apps that can do everything from helping you plan your lesson to helping you take attendance. Though your school might not yet be ready to move into a paperless world; given you are likely to be carrying your mobile device with you to and from school there are a number that can make your life easier.

The apps I have chosen are ones you can use with a class…

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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

While thinking of buying either an iPad or this amazing tablet why not read through some articles on HOW to integrate technology into the classroom? Here you can find resources, tutorials and guides about iPad that every teacher should know about! A List of all the Best iPad Apps Teachers Need

Make Your Classroom a Happier Place for Children with Dyslexia

A great article – all teachers MUST read – promoting an App for dyslexic learners!!! Why not try it? I ‘m amazed….!

Ros Hynes Dyslexia Specialist Teacher

Are Children in Your Class Suffering Needlessly?

Today I want to talk about what we can do, as teachers, to improve the school experience for our students with reading and/or spelling difficulties.

I talked in a previous bog about the unhappiness and stress caused to many children with dyslexic difficulties by our school system. Today: some ideas for how we can try to reduce this stress.

Before I begin, it’s important to acknowledge that, however effective we may become in making learning environments more accessible for these children, many of them will still need specialist support to bring up their reading and spelling levels.

Specialist teachers and specialist intervention programmes can be hard to find – we know that many schools do not have access to a specialist teacher.

Do We Know Enough?

As a primary school teacher, I became aware that in every one of my classes, there were…

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