Students’ work

Making connections…. My 7-year-old student drawing. This will facilitate memory techniques. Her imagination is wild during the lesson so ways to exploit her amazing capabilities must be found.

2015-05-20 16.07.22 2015-05-20 16.08.01

Dimitris, a 4-year-old boy, is the artist of the following. #autism #asperger #nursery #art. image

Paris, Spyros and Theodore were pleased and satisfied that their work was published on the internet. They also enjoyed typing it on my touchscreen laptop:


Have you met anyone recently? I have and his name is George. He’s a new student at our school and he goes to the first class of primary school.

George is the kind of person who doesn’t get busy easily. He has much free time. He is interested in sports. Ηe has football training in Niki Proastiou and he sometimes plays basketball at school. He is learning a foreign language, English.

What I really like about George is his personality. He is clever, good at school and especially at maths. He is one of the funniest and sweetest people I know. He makes people laugh, tells jokes and he has a sweet face. He is kind because he gives you whatever you ask him. He is an outgoing person, he makes friends easily and he is easy to talk to.

I haven’t known George for long but I think he is really great and when you see him you will agree with me.

Paris, 10 years old, June 2014.




Have you met a great person recently? I have and his name is Paul. We are in the same class and I would like to introduce him to you.

My friend is the kind of person who loves sport. He is in the Davourlis football team. He loves playing with other children. He also takes guitar lessons, but he is not very good at it. Last but not least, he enjoys chess. He is one of the best chess players in the Patra.

What I really like about Paul is his personality. He looks after pets. He has one dog and one cat. His parents work  in a veterinary. At school he is one of the best students. He always does his homework. He makes friends very easily, because he is an outgoing person.

Paul can attract your interest even if you don΄t know him for a long time. He is such an interesting person.

Spyros, 12 years old, May 2014. (




Have you met anyone new recently? I have, and his name is Nick.

Nick is the kind of person who’s always busy. He’s interested in music. He started guitar lessons last month and he plays the flute, too. He plays football and he was in a football team for 5 years. He’s in a basketball team called Apollon Patras. He speaks English really well and he knows some German, too. He can handle a computer very well.

Nick is very clever and he’s good at school. He’s really kind and he apologizes when he does something wrong. He’s one of the funniest people I know. He has got a funny face and he tells great  jokes, too.

I haven’t known Nick for a long time but the more I get to  know him the more I like him. I think you’ll take to Nick, too, when you start to know him better.

Theodore, 12 years old, May 2014.

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