I have watched most of the following films. A way to practise your english is to watch a film with english subtitles and write down your unknown words. can help you identify the meaning of each word you don’t understand!

Gifted Hands  (Watch Full Movie here)  (Watch trailer here)   This is the gifted man whose life is described in this amazing movie! 

The Queen

Billy Elliot

Pride and Prejudice

Notting Hill



About a Boy

The Whale Rider


In the Name of the Father

Michael Collins

The King’s speech (the last 3 have to do with Ireland)

YouTube BBC series (Jane Austen’s novels)

Gangs of New York

Pearl Harbor

Ocean’s Eleven

Shall we dance?

The Terminal

Just Married


Cold Mountain

Seven years in Tibet

While You Were Sleeping

Dead Poets’ society

The Pianist

Mr and Mrs Smith

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind

Good Will Hunting

Inside the Amish Church:

part1 ->

part2 ->

part3 ->
part4 ->
part5 ->

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