modal for suggestion (could) – Up Pixar Movie

As I discovered this amazing site I decided to work on “could” (modal verb for suggestion). You can find the worksheet here. The above PPT presentation was made and you will probably find it useful and use it! The clip is so amusing 🙂 Continue reading

Little Red Riding Hood PPT @Summer School

So July was the month I spent in Gloucestershire at Wycliffe College (British Study Centres Summer School). I was a TAL (Teacher and Activities Leader). The hard work was to create interesting and pleasant lesson plans for the morning lessons. Continue reading

Malak and the Boat

I made this PPT presentation and used this worksheet in class. 16 10-16 year-old students from Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal were touched after this 45′ lesson.

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Storytelling, UK

Storytelling is an integral part of the educational system in the UK. Even from reception classes 4-5 year old children are initiated in the actual reading and writing. Last week my visit in Reception in a very good school in a village near where I live left me stunned. So young children being taught reading and writing in such a way; through play and several other techniques! My experience with Key Stage 1 and 2 so far has been so that children in Britain read LOTS of literature for children. At the same time they listen to their teachers or teacher assistants reading out stories to them. The teaching of phonics is also prominent so reading for practice really helps. You can read more about storytelling here.

Teaching Autobiography


A small part of my first assignment in this year’s module on my M.Ed. is to answer to these questions. Teacher education seems to be a very interesting area indeed. How would you answer these questions? You are supposed to be able to reflect on your professional development, so you just give it a go and think about your possible answers!

EFL Preschool Teachers Facebook Group

I have just created a Facebook group named EFL Preschool Teachers. It is a closed group. Its purpose is to enable EFL Preschool teachers exchange useful material and ideas.
The only prerequisite to be a member of this group is to post the name of the school you are teaching at. Join in 🙂