Useful phonics links

There is a wealth of phonic reinforcement activities available to use directly from the internet. A Google search will find you plenty of worthwhile content. Here is a small but amazing selection by CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Jolly Phonics Training Course to get you started.


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Synthetic-phonics approach to literacy VS analytic- phonics approach

So I have been an EFL teacher for 8 years now. However, I didn’t know anything about synthetic and analytic phonics, let alone about onset and rime…

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Classroom Language


a typical classroom in a Primary school in England

If you are interested in teaching in Foundation Stage (Reception) or Key Stage 1 (Year 1 or 2) in England you need to know certain expressions the teacher uses during the lesson. You can have a look below and feel free to leave your comment. Continue reading

Learning English – Grammar, Vocabulary & Pronunciation – Child’s play

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It’s so easy a child could do it! Go back to your school days with Today’s Phrase. Today’s Phrase: 21 January 2014 (#ELT Is learning English ‘child’s play’?

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English Grammar Gems: 6 Common Phrasal Verbs and their different meanings | English with a Twist

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As a lot of you know, I think that infographics are a great, visual way of communicating grammar points or vocabulary chunks to learners. In today’s post, I’d like to share with you this inforgraphic by to introduce verbs + prepositions and those ‘dreaded’ phrasal verbs!

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