Useful phonics links

There is a wealth of phonic reinforcement activities available to use directly from the internet. A Google search will find you plenty of worthwhile content. Here is a small but amazing selection by CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Jolly Phonics Training Course to get you started.


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iDiscover 2, by Express Publishing

I have already had my first lesson with my 40-year-old student who got really excited with this book. Its features and the fact that costs only 10€ make it an excellent choice for your adult students. It ‘s easily taught. Everything is explained analytically in the Teacher’s Guide. It’s really the first time I ‘m not getting tired during the lesson. It’s so exciting! Continue reading

Life by Cencage Learning

Life, an exciting six-level general English course for adults.

Life is driven by rich National Geographic content and the fundamental values of inspiring people to care about the planet, celebrating human achievement and exploring diversity. This material is brought together in a design that is unique in an ELT context while the language syllabus surpasses expectations.

  • A practical, competency-based syllabus helps learners in their development of grammar, vocabulary, functions, pronunciation and skills through appropriate communicative tasks
  • Real life lessons model and practise everyday functions, preparing learners to use language in the real world
  • National Geographic video on the DVD allows teachers to bring lessons to life
  • The carefully designed Critical thinking syllabus challenges learners to understand texts at a deeper level
  • Vocabulary is introduced thematically, with additional emphasis on key words and word building in Word focus and Word building sections.

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“Speakout” by Pearson Longman

In this link you can find Speakout, a comprehensive six level general English course that helps adult learners gain confidence in all skill areas using authentic materials from the BBC. It has a wide range of support material for a variety of teaching situations.Image It is developed in association with BBC Worldwide and BBC Learning English

Teaching English to a truck driver

What is a dual carriageway?

And what about that lane on the right of a road?

Consulting Wikipedia can really help teachers who get to know some basic stuff about motorways abroad.

My student, a 40-year-old truck driver in Greece planning to travel around Europe delivering goods to several companies, also wanted to learn how to communicate in the lingua franca when visiting several European countries.

We spent some time together role-playing being in situations like calling the company to ask for directions or visiting a cafe to order a coffee.

We made some notes in a notebook.

A small book guide with all the basic vocabulary in English proved to be very useful as it contained everything someone needs to know if he visits a country where English is spoken. What would you say in a hospital, in a supermarket, at the bank or at the post office etc.? I got it from a bookshop in my town, which offers much help to teachers of foreign languages. You just visit it to buy a book and you get directions on how to teach, tips and other important info concerning your work.

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