The Plowden report – UK Primary education explained.

Greek teachers in England

As you try to go back to the roots and discover why the British Primary Education is like that, you realise that there are certain documents based on research published years ago that informed all these choices teachers make in schools today. Let’s have a look at the most important one.

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Outstanding Primary Teaching and Learning: A Journey Through Your Early Teaching Career

Greek teachers in England

I purchased an amazing book published in 2016 by Sally Hawkins. It includes everything I need as I am writing 1 of the chapters in my thesis about the year 1 literacy programme of study in England. It’s definitely worth buying especially if you are trying to understand how things work in an English classroom and the reason behind it. This is the facebook page promoting her book.

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Useful phonics links

There is a wealth of phonic reinforcement activities available to use directly from the internet. A Google search will find you plenty of worthwhile content. Here is a small but amazing selection by CPD (Continuous Professional Development) Jolly Phonics Training Course to get you started.


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Synthetic-phonics approach to literacy VS analytic- phonics approach

So I have been an EFL teacher for 8 years now. However, I didn’t know anything about synthetic and analytic phonics, let alone about onset and rime…

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modal for suggestion (could) – Up Pixar Movie

As I discovered this amazing site I decided to work on “could” (modal verb for suggestion). You can find the worksheet here. The above PPT presentation was made and you will probably find it useful and use it! The clip is so amusing 🙂 Continue reading

Little Red Riding Hood PPT @Summer School

So July was the month I spent in Gloucestershire at Wycliffe College (British Study Centres Summer School). I was a TAL (Teacher and Activities Leader). The hard work was to create interesting and pleasant lesson plans for the morning lessons. Continue reading